PSYWORK Stringart

Under PSYWORK StringArt we offer you numerous string artworks which glow under black light. Each string art decoration is carefully crafted in our workshop and you can choose between 2D and 3D string art objects. Impressive yarn art decorations arise by using various geometric shapes and making creative use of various UV light active varnishes and textile threads. The string artworks thus allow to set visual accents in a black light environment and each one leaves an unforgettable impression.

Possible applications are just as versatile as the design of our PSYWORK StringArt. Therefore, the string artworks are interesting for smaller clubs right up to large festivals. Regardless whether the theme is Neon, Goa or Psytrance, our string art promises lasting impressions. But PSYWORK StringArt addresses not only black light parties but also locations like black light mini golf courses and laser tag playgrounds can draw noticeable attention with our fluorescent yarn art decoration.

Your Customized Blacklight Stringart

Should you cannot find the right thing in spite of the variety of colors, sizes and shapes, we appreciate if you contact us. We gladly try to realize individual string art according to your individual ideas.

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