Our PSYWORK Spandex are from UV light active stretch fabric individually composed decoration sails. To ensure a high extensibility, we use materials with a very high percentage of elastane. We give these sails in our workshop a distinctive look with different hole patterns and color combinations though careful manual work. We offer the spandex cloths which all glow under black light monochrome and multi-colored. So that you remain flexible when composing your black light decoration. The luminous cloths can instantly and easily be hung up and qualify ideally as a room decoration for a black light party room or a lounge area of a laser tag playground or a black light miniature golf course. But also in the creation of magical black light fantasy worlds at Goa or Psytrance festivals the spandex sails are indispensable.

Your Customized Blacklight Spandex

Should you nevertheless cannot find the matching spandex cloth, do not hesitate to contact us and we gladly try to realize an individual sail according to your ideas. Through the new capability to print digital existing designs on the fabric and to incorporate a corresponding hole pattern afterwards, we are particularly flexible in the creation of custom spandex cloths.

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