Our PSYWORK masks are with special, UV active color decorated papier-mâché masks. Each mask is produced in laborious manual work from the first papier-mâché strip to the last accessory in order to ensure optimal wearing comfort. Through the use of marbling each mask is not only unique but also is in vogue. Since while the marbling is well known and popular especially among children for the composition of eggs, also decoration specialists have already discovered this form of the design for themselves. In terms of color we try to keep the different types always the same, but small deviations in the structure are inevitable and absolutely intentional. Because everyone should be differently colorful and distinctive.

Your Customized Mask

The colorful PSYWORK masks revealing their full magnificence under black light are the perfect accessory for your masquerade ball in black light. Impressions make the masks on neon parties and festivals with black light illumination. You need very special masks for your event? No problem. Just contact us and we like to try our best to implement your ideas.

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