Our PSYWORK Glowheads are with special, UV active color decorated doll heads. We offer the Styrofoam heads monochrome as well as marbled with multiple colors. Marbling is known and popular with children for decorating Easter eggs, but the marble-look has long prevailed in the area of decoration and interior design. So that our Glowheads suit not only impressive black light scenes on Goa parties, trade shows, in clubs or black light miniature golf courses. Furthermore, the PSYWORK Glowheads are convincing for accents in your own home, especially since the under UV light "glowing heads" are a real highlight even in daylight.

Each Glowhead a unicum

Magic Marble we call this fascinating look that emerges through using at least two colors for the immerse-marbling. This technique gives each head an individual and unique appearance. So if you are into genuinely unique items, then you should take a look at our multicolored PSYWORK Glowheads. In contrast to that, the monochrome Glowheads give you versatile combination possibilities with which you can work creatively. We are happy to also try to realize completely individual Glowheads based on your own ideas for your personal decoration projects.

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